1Change Your LifeBones To Own
2The Trouble With UsThe Colour Of Anarchy
3Wild ThingsAquafire
4Drag Me DownApex Audio
5Do It NowDifferent Faces
6NessajaThe House Work Project
7Worth ItDirty Rich
8Me & My GirlsClassic Mob
9Bring It BackSpinning Dolls
10Pillow TalkLittle Drums
11Never Be Like YouLonely On High Street
12CompanyJustin Bieber
3AAWingsUndercover Pixie
3ABCan’t You SeeSpring Change
ACAWild ThingsAquafire
ACBCan’t You SeeSpring Change
ACCNessajaThe House Work Project
1My HouseSongs Of A Fool
2Keep My CoolMegapixie
3Don’t Be So Hard On YourselfPretentious Rachel
4Today’s The DayPixie Yellow
5Five More HoursPhenomenal People
6Somebody Told MeWhen Great Trees Fall
7We Came To BangThe Mothering Blackness
8SaxVariations On The Word Love
9Ex’s & Oh’sIn Tara’s Halls
10In The NightThe Love Of Drums
11Bang My HeadTwenty White Butterflies
12Lay It All On MeRudimental feat. Ed Sheeran
3AAOn My WayLoose Unit
3ABBang My HeadTwenty White Butterflies
ACAMy HouseSongs Of A Fool
ACBFive More HoursPhenomenal People
ACCMe & YouLost Lovers
1Can’t Feel My FaceHear Me Roar
2Don’t WorryPetite Grande & The Squad
3Love MyselfSurburban Future
4Levels (Classic)Oryx of Freedom
5ConfidentSecret Scissors
6Say My NamePretty Theft
7The OthersHair Up Monday
8Whip It! (Let It Whip)Blonde Parade
10ToxicGilded Lily
11HumanDigital Adieu
12SorryJustin Bieber
3ABreatheCalifornia Appeal
3BBooyahThe Real Boon
4ALevels (Athletic)Oryx of Freedom
ACALove MyselfSurburban Future
ACBBreatheCalifornia Appeal
ACCWastedSophisticated Cinema
1Safe & SoundThe Revolving Habitat
2Clothes OffComic Blue
3Come & Get ItRoasted Rhapsody
4CrazyThe Black Dog
5Ah Yeah So WhatHope Show
6ImmortalsCoast Highlight
7TroubleThe Returning Image
8White LinesStrung High Calling
9Bad GirlsEdge Of Uproar
10PowerfulThrifty Singer
11GoldenDowntown Gear
12Locked AwayR. City feat. Adam Levine
3AA50 Ways To Say GoodbyeThe Lane Lassie
3ABPowerfulThrifty Singer
3ACGoldenDowntown Gear
4ACool For The SummerZero Tint
ACACochiseJack Crush
ACBCool For The SummerZero Tint
ACCImmortalsCoast Highlight
1Time Of Our LivesBorderline King
2Want To Want MeMono Broadcast
3Me And My GirlsHit Appeal
4Nobody LoveThe Timeline
5Hey MamaCowboy Love
6EpicThe Busted Parts
7PrimitiveTen Impact
8Ain’t Been DoneLeftover Tips
9Whistle (While You Work It)AutoDay III
10Feel AlrightThe Specific Feel
11SledgehammerStark And The Nectar
12DaylightMaroon 5
3AAWant To Want MeMono Broadcast
3ABSledgehammerStark And The Nectar
4ACruelThe Classical Unicorn
ACALock Me UpDay Of The Pinch
ACBFirestarterAgainst Ten
ACCTime Of Our LivesBorderline King
1Doing ItArt Burns
2Live LouderTen Black Boots
3Shut Up And DanceRolling Hills
3Gold DustUnseen Level
3OutsideThe Caravan Flash
3Gold DustUnseen Level
4MasterpieceVanilla Cool
5GDFRBlue Rules
6Uma ThurmanLoose Pearls
7BO$$Edge Stare
8Kick Your Heels UpSour Berry
9Giddy UpPressure Slide
10Green LightManly Collector
11OutsideThe Caravan Flash
BonusAC: Gold DustUnseen Level
BonusAC: I'm In The HouseCharcoal Combo
BonusAC: BurninJump Thread
BonusCloser To The EdgeThe Liberal Arm
1BirthdayThe Crayon
2Yeah YeahMatrix Crisis
3Girl Next DoorOnto Variety
3AnimalsBorderline Academy
3BraveheartEighth Intermission
4ComebackCalling Of The Panda
5FreaksThe Better Slot
6CenturiesSmall Edge
7I Like ThatThe Trivia
8CelebrateCool Collapse
9Dance DanceActor Gratitude
10MoreUpon Mock
11BraveheartEighth Intermission
12SuperheroesCandid Guilt
BonusNobody To LoveEye Innocence
BonusWe Go DownThe Hopeless Ranks
BonusDance DanceActor Gratitude
BonusBlameSurvival Fixture
1Am I WrongBelated Commander
2How I FeelThe Engine Project
3Can't Get EnoughRelative Probation
3Eighteen StringsOctopus Ten
3Party MonsterThe Crawling Bench
3BurnRustic Analog
4Break FreeTinted Idea
5Shot Me DownFree Statement
6Are We All We ArePoor Of The Wide
7Really Don't CareBitmap Hotline
8Bang BangThe Mumble
9Shake It OffShadow Dolls
10Don't StopRisen Of The Delectable
11BurnRustic Analog
11Black WidowDeluded Alice
12Mind The GapNabiha
BonusParty MonsterThe Crawling Bench
BonusBreak FreeTinted Idea
BonusChangingThe Frenzy
1Come & Get ItMan Rhythm
2SingSpectacular Movement
3Like A DrumMan Lion
3Athletic: Not Giving InInferior Of The Slow
3Athletic: PromisesYounger Laugh
4Brick By Boring BrickBorderline Cool
5BadPerfecting Cool
6Love Runs OutThe Fast Isle
7Whatever We WantGuiltless Bite
8ProblemThe Musical Directory
9NatalieLaugh Location
10Shut Up And Kiss MeSystem Calm
11ChandelierTwinkie Of Time
12The ManAloe Blacc
Bonus#thatPOWERThe Unfinished Fit
BonusRing of FireRevisited Ace
BonusPromisesYounger Laugh
1All The Right MovesEleven Coaster
2White WallsBeyond Introduction
3American GirlThree Goblins
3Athletic: Let's Get RidiculousBella Zapped
3Athletic: Take Me HomeStrong Ring
4Walk Of ShameSearching Ring
5SwingThe Pumping Four
6I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)Twin Image
7Neon LightsWednesday Excess
8MoveUnnamed Cage
9MagicHighly Baneful
10Shut Up And Kiss MeShaken Cause
11Dark HorseCash Manifold
12Please And ChangeAddictive Grace
BonusAC Propane NightmaresBeside Yellow
BonusLet's Get RidiculousModest Lava
BonusThis Is Not The EndThe Dial Federalist
1Get on ItConfidential Fit
2ClassicVast Symbol
3It's My PartyThe Playing Goo
3Athletic: A Woman's Got the PowerOverboard Optional
4GorillaThe Vocal Alignment
5Werk MeHooked Count
5JumpVanilla Rampant
6Smells Like Teen SpiritNear Shake
7Still Into YouHendrix Shaped
8Live it upPeach and Terry
9Rhythm of the NightNecro Alive
10Work Me DownStormy Gold
11Wrecking BallWave Walker
12Keep your head upAndy Grammer
BonusLove me AgainRecovered Junk
BonusBadman Riddim(Fricton Remix)Vato Gonzalez
BonusJumpVanilla Rampant
1The Other SideSix Ten
2TreasureIce Blowout
3Turn Up The MusicIntense Dusk
3Athletic: The Only HeroHead Rush
3Athletic: ScreamThe Brotherhood
4ParachuteIntuition Chop
5I Don't Like YouComet And The Outcome
5Rest Of My LifeThe Lost Crumb
6Kickstart My HeartPurely South
7What About UsUnwound Sphere
8Turn Up The LoveThe Teamwork
9Here's To Never Growing UpIntrospection Enabler
10RoarThe Optic Velocity
11Only YouThe Yellow Andrew
12Change Your LifeLittle Mix
BonusWaiting All NightRipping Feral
BonusShe Wolf (Falling To Pieces)The Good Shamrock
BonusSending My LoveAgeless Gravy
1Can't Hold UsThe Dungeon
2Work ItIdea Squad
3Thank YouTide Of The Tuesday
3Athletic: Blood Is Pumpin'Upon Alloy
3Athletic: Yeh Yeh YehThe Proven Jug
3Athletic: Blood Is Pumpin'Upon Alloy
3Athletic: Yeh Yeh YehThe Proven Jug
4RadioactiveAfter Offset
5Show StopperThe Wrap
6Don't You Wanna FeelOvertone Of The Eyebrow
7Oh Mama HeyHall Seven
8A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)The Luminary Ranger
9HappyCoach Of The Muse
10RadioactiveAlmighty Sublime
11Figure 8Lush Yesterday
12Army Of TwoOlly Murs
BonusThe PhoenixThe Nature Vacant
BonusFigure 8Lush Yesterday
BonusThe PhoenixThe Nature Vacant
BonusFigure 8Lush Yesterday
1UndefeatedMeasure Mix
2TroublemakerThirty5 Group
3Best NightHerb Blue
3Athletic: Save The WorldWalk Jonstons
3Athletic: I Turn To YouCrush Me DJ
3Athletic: Save The WorldWalk Jonstons
3Athletic: I Turn To YouCrush Me DJ
4Locked Out Of HeavenTen Loyld
5Right NowUniversity Tops
6My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)There Square
7RemedyAbove Paris
8Don't Stop The PartyShameless Detox
9I Knew You Were TroubleRampant Diva
10Feel This MomentDevoted Crown
11Save The WorldWalk Jonstons
11Sweet NothingSpeaker Head
12Take It EasyStan Walker
BonusFace DownMeltdown Loop
BonusBlack CatUp Doctor
BonusVoodoo PeopleYoung Drake
BonusFace DownMeltdown Loop
BonusBlack CatUp Doctor
1Hall of FameDual Edge
2LaLaFifteen Expired
3Something NewBarely Beacon
3AntidoteRock Circus
4AnimalThe Nora
5Play HardGame Step
6Enter SandmanGlory Jump
7Give Your Heart A BreakJoyful Rox
8Good TimeStorm Ill
9WingsO'Bella Mix
10Girl On FireDJ Roxsta
11Good FeelingMr Move It
12TroubleChris Rene
BonusFeel The LoveSalt Hill
BonusMarry The NightThe Affect
BonusAntidoteRock Circus
BonusMarry The NightThe Affect
BonusAntidoteRock Circus
BonusFeel The LoveSalt Hill
1Light It UpSquare Thought
2BrokenheartedMiles High
3Turn All The Lights OnOvernight Feast
3Athletic: Who Is Ready To JumpDJ Lee
3Athletic: Take Me On The FloorOscar Strong
4MusicTex Trooper
5L'AmourGroovy Bean
7Hit And RunBright Reward
8Hot Right NowTrendy Heart 4
9GoldAn Truly
10Tribal Dance 2.4Triple XXX
11I Can Only ImagineThird Duo
12One More NightAir Ridge
BonusTake Me HigherUnion Rush
BonusWho Is Ready To JumpUnicorn Plush
BonusSmash ItCircus King
1We Run The NightHeartless Vacancy
2Want U BackCool Renegade
3RelaxRabid Reset
4Runaway BabyUpset Offset
5Last Time (Knife Party Remix)Labrinth
6Pound The AlarmUndeafed Beauty
7BlackoutBlind Mind
8How Do We (Party)Atomic Trigger
9Do It Like ThatInsult Cast
10Eyes OpenTrilogy Tuba
11Where Have You BeenRenegade Agenda
12The FighterGym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder
BonusLet's GoLock Jaw (Mix)
BonusWe've Got To Live TogetherRolling Ripe
BonusLet's GoLock Jaw (Mix)
BonusWe've Got To Live TogetherRolling Ripe
1Set It OffTroubled Jury
2BulletproofAttack Romp
3On My OwnWhite Heaven
4JumpstartInevitable Ditto
5Badman Riddim (Jump)Tempo Tilt
6Sk8er BoiEvery Believer
7Call Me Maybe (Lily B Radio Mix)Club Madness
10Everybody TalksFunky Adrenalin
10Sorry For Party RockingFrosty Beau
10EarthquakeWinged Joe
10Uprocking BeatsCool DJ Rev
10EarthquakeWinged Joe
10Sorry For Party RockingFrosty Beau
11TitaniumMerchant Gig
12Next To MeEmeli Sandé
BonusTurn Me OnShaven Society
BonusMan Like ThatRabid Race
BonusMontage 1: JumpstartInevitable Ditto
1Boogie 2niteDJ Pistol
2Midnight MidnightThe Jooly Defect
3DominoFried Cold
4My Delirium88Eight
5Stay AwakeBlink Tide
5JumpK Double
6ThunderstruckRuff Emerald
7Don't Hold Your BreathPetal Shock
8CountdownHigh Ability
9Everythings Gonna Be AlrightMinor Cubs
10WetShock Petal
11Without YouThe Running
12Love On TopBeyoncé
BonusWet (Instrumental)Super Suspense
BonusMontage 1 : ThunderstruckRuff Emerald
1You Make Me Feel…Yesterday Stomp feat. Diverse
2Good GirlSushi Tribe
3Moves Like Jagger (Mix I)January Rays feat. Riley
4Dance In The DarkSouthern Light
5Own This ClubDJ Mark
6RockstarThe Claw
7Make My DayBeefy & Halo
8Where Them Girls At (Mix II)Olson Bjerre feat. Climb Max & Famous J.
9(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And HigherMondo Libre
10Don't Leave Me This WayVelvet Affect
11CinemaDee D. feat. DJ Gazz
12Stereo HeartsRadiation Leep feat. Amy L.
1Ready 2 GoDead Eye Vacancy
2Who's That GirlNeutron Ignition
3LoudZesty Thunder
4DeterminateInfinite Council
5Party Rock AnthemParty Playaz
6Rise UpLip Six
7Happiness (Jump Smokers Radio Edit)Alexis Jordan
8Run The World (Girls)Breeze Xile
9UntouchedViper Electro
11Like WaterLadi6
12Price TagJagged Eagle
BonusMortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate)Ironic Militant
BonusMortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate)Ironic Militant
1Here I GoMaximum
2Yeah 3xChris Brown
3The CallGraffiti Girls
4Sure Fire WinnersSolar Collective
5Who's That ChickUltimate
6Jump!Mickey Index
7MusclesAnnie Lee
8Show Me How You BurlesqueCarla Cross
10Real ThingsDJ Riddle
12RocketeerOriginal Fire
BonusLast Train To TrancentralBodytronixx
1Gettin' Over YouSteve Rage
2Start Without YouAlexandra Burke feat. Laza Morgan
3Gonna Catch YouDay Tripper
4Love The FallMekon Garden
5Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)MIG
6Heaven's On FireKerry Woolfe
7The Beautiful PeopleSanddown Jones
8Drummer Boy (BangBang Remix)Sandy Beggs
9Hanky PankyTime4Love
10Rockstar 101Colorbox
11BionicMandy Brewer
12Please Don't Let Me GoOlly Murs
13Nitty GrittyStella Crown
1Dynamite (DJ KTW Mix)Studio 88 feat. Juno Mars
2Joyful SoundMariana Riley
3I Like It (Muller Mix)Tokyo Haze
4If I Had YouKelly Duncan
5The Roof Is On FireDanger Crew feat. MC X
6Scream If You Wanna Go FasterMandy Brewer
7My First Kiss3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha
8Take It OffRio G
9Big And BadJimmy Swagger
10Commander (Club Mix 2)Spacegliderz
11Hungry Like The WolfNorwegian Sound
12Choose YouStan Walker
1Things That Go Bump In The NightUltra Ego
3Dress You UpMelanie Z.
4Broken HeelsSandy Minx
5Addams GrooveMad Playaz
6Knock On WoodRhythm Twins feat. Yolanda
7Just A Little BitKids Of 88
8So Fabulous, So Fierce (Freak Out)Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!!
9Bad ReputationBadlands Inc
10Not Myself TonightDJ Reflex
11Love KillsSander Klien
12Kick A*sPistolet
13Sweet DreamsBeyoncé
13Rhythm Twins feat. Yolanda
2EgoAlicia Grace
3Like It Like ThatRoger Power
4She's A GeniusSpacegliderz
5Under PressureTommy Fasso
6No SleepDJ Reflex
7Dance With MeMC X and TTC
8SneakernightAnnie Lee
9Sing, Sing, SingTorto's NuJazz Steppers
10On A MissionSouthern Light
11Keep Your Body WorkingBounce Bounce
12LouboutinsJennifer Lopez
13SmileUncle Kracker
BonusGet upJoJo & Rudie
1RespectableG & G versus DJ Delicious
2GoodbyeJessica Friendly
3Rock The CasbahRonnie Reactive & Ant P
4This Is Who I AmAnnie Lee
5Walk Like An EgyptianTony Moroni & The HardOutCrew
6Friday On My MindBodytronixx
7Fame (Bimbo Jones Remix Radio Edit)Naturi Naughton
8Where's The PartyBig Fiesta
9Hoedown ThrowdownCarla Cross
10Call MeDiana Flex
11Girl I'm Trying (Nicola Fasano Remix)J Brazil
12Brass In PocketThe Pretenders
1Boom Boom PowBeat Factory
2Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Club Mix)Whitney Houston
3La Copa de la VidaMambo Jambo
4Let's Get ExcitedMelissa East
5Blood on the DancefloorI'Homage
6Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)Jak Lee & DJ F.A.B
7JumpDancefloor Generals
8HigherMandy Riviera
9I Got A GirlSage Warner
10Sexy! No NoGraffiti Girls
12If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be BetterThe Tamperer ft. Maya
13LanguageAnnie Crummer
1Right RoundTeTet Technologik
2Pictures (Tonite Only Remix)Sneaky Sound System
3Girls On FilmSteady Rush
4Like It LoudGabby Schmitt
5Wiggle ItMadLab
6She Is BeautifulOneZeroOne
7Circus (Junior Vasquez Club Circus)Britney Spears
8I Just Want To DanceDana deWit
9Every Little Thing She Does Is MagicBrendan Soward
10Let It RockW.L.E.M feat. PI Joe
11Be Without YouDJ Pierce
12SomedayMike Stone
1Live Your LifeGlobal Nation feat. Simone F
2The Boy Does Nothing (Bimbo Jones Remix Radio Edit)Alesha Dixon
3Hot n ColdMartina Lorene
4Hot ShotDJ Microman
5SurvivorPearl Star
6C'Mon C'MonBuzzBoxxx
7Burn (Pop Embassy Mix)Jessica Mauboy
8Just DanceDutch Swing
9In PersonToneTonic
10FireDJ Reflex
10It's Not Right (But It's OK)Party Playaz
11Feel It 2008dB Bomb
12Stand By MeSeal
1In the AirMCX & PI
2Keeps Gettin' BetterChristina Aguilera
3Step Back in TimeGlobal Nation Feat. Simone F
4Start ItAnnie Lee
5Space JamTone Tonic
6Venus or MarsEast Blokk
7Up (Wideboy's Remix)The Saturdays
8Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)Freakmaster
9The Time WarpKaramelody
10Walkin in the NeonArms of Dub
11Planet ClaireTechnologik
1121st Century LifeSam Sparro
12SpaceThe Pussycat Dolls
1Can You Feel ItW.L.E.M Feat. Anya & Pl Joe
2How Far We've Come (Rosario & Craig J's Rock Mix)Matchbox Twenty
3Walk This WayDanger Crew
4Free Your MindTTC & Powerhouse
5(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionRonni Reactive & Ant P
6Start All OverCarla Cross
74 MinutesMartina Lorene
8Turn It UpDJ Zoom Zoom
10When I Grow UpSadie Mack & Reflex
11No StressDouble Time
11Dangerous (Official Remix)Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon & Sean Paul
12One Step at a TimeJordin Sparks
1Get UpJoJo & Rudie
2Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)Donna Summer
3Route 66Sadie Mack & Reflex
4Ring The AlarmAlicia Grace
5Boom! Shake The RoomSadie Mack & Reflex
6SpeedRoger Power
7The Way You Make Me FeelCool Impact
8Me, Myself & IColourBox
9Wild WorldThe Magics
10Here Comes The Hot StepperDigital Factory
11Work (Freemasons Club Mix)Kelly Rowland
11Run The ShowKat Deluna featuring Busta Rhymes
12DaylightKelly Rowland featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes
BonusRockin' Around The Christmas TreeCarla Cross
1Here I ComeBootylicious
2Green Light (Freemasons Remix)Beyoncé
3Express YourselfJerry Watson
4Queen Of The NightClub4life
5The HitmanJoJo & Rudi
6We're Not Gonna Take ItBadlands Inc
7Feedback (Moto Blanco Edit)Janet Jackson
8FuegoPearl Star
9Jumpin' JiveJamie Friend
10Thnks Fr Th MmrsOverflow
11Live Your Life (Rivaz & Zucchi Classic Mix)Housefeller feat. Cheryl Porter aka Christine Moore
11Wall To WallChris Brown
12Oh!Eric Hutchinson
1I Got It From My MamaClub4life
2MamaHousefeller Feat. Christine Moore
3Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)Decibel Bomb
4CrashFiona Dancer
6Shut Up & DriveRockout!!
7Like This Like ThatSe:Sa
8Footwurkin'Minna Roberto
9FootloosePyramid Kid & DJ Locked
10FlirtSadie Mack & Reflex
11Let Me Think About ItKopyKatz
11Release Feat Justin TimberlakeTimbaland
12BubblyColbie Caillat
1Keep It ComingRhythm Twins feat Pretty Girl
2Do It Well (Moto Blanco Club Remix)J-Lo
3You Ain't Seen Nothin' YetPyramid Kid and DJ Locked
4Love Is The MusicMaximum
5Rok Da HouseG & G versus DJ Delicious
6I Don't Wanna StopBadlands Inc
7It's Tricky (Jason's Slow Pocus Radio Mix)Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
8Get Me BodiedStardancer II
10Can't Touch ItSadie Mack and Reflex
11Thriller (Original Mix)Red Rhythm & Rilod
11I Fell In Love With The DJ (Cham Extended)Che'Nelle featuring Cham
12Put Your Records OnCorinne Bailey Rae
1Gonna Have A Good TimeHard Out Crew
2This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race (Jason Nevin's Rockdance Remix)Fall Out Boy
3Play That Funky MusicSouthern Light
4Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)Red Band
5Good VibrationsCrustee Crew
6She Works Hard For The MoneySandra Hill
7Work (MAW 2007 Radio Edit)Masters At Work
8Shake Your Groove ThingSolar Collective
9Clap, Shake, JumpBehavior featuring Andrea Revel
10U Drive Me CrazyPure Essence
11Breakaway (Chris Fraser Main Mix)A Inaya Day
11Boogie ShoesAdam Garcia
12Real GirlMutya Buena
1Are You Ready[k]racked Image
2Sumthin' Serious (Jason Nevins Club Mix)Audio Club
3Everyone's A WinnerMaximum
4Beware Of The DogMinna Roberto
6JumpDJ Denzi
7Too Legit Too QuitHammer
8Hit Me UpPearl Star
9CandymanMarija Storm
10Keep Your Hands Off My Girlclub4life
11Upside DownDisco Deejays
12Take Your TimeSimon Webbe
1New SensationOneZeroOne
2My Love (Paul Oakenfold Radio Edit)Justin Timberlake
3I Don't Feel Like Dancin'Double A
4Something Kinda OooohPearl Star
53-2-1 PumpHard Out Crew
6Another One Bites The DustBuckWild
7Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)Bob Sinclair
8StrutSandra Hill
9Ant MusicBrother Steve
10Stand ToughPure Essence
11Deja VuBeyonce feat Jay Z
11Happenin' All Over AgainYoung Divas
12Streetcorner SymphonyRob Thomas
1All Fired UpBuckWild
2A Public Affair (Johnny Budz Radio Mix)Jessica Simpson
3Down UnderBuckWild
4Wild Women DoSandra Hill
5We Run ThisRhythm Twins
6Hip To Be SquareJon Banks
7SexyBack (Clean Version)Justin Timberlake
8Don’t You KnowParty Playaz
9Cha ChaLatin Invasion
10Do We RockPure Essence
11Oh YeahYello
13Dance! (Radio Edit)Goleo VI pres Lumidee vs Fatman Scoop
1Are You ReadyBuckWild
2Walk Away (Chris Cox Radio Remix)Kelly Clarkson
3Hitchin' A RideJon Banks
4I've Got The Music In MeOneZeroOne
5Walk On the Wild SideRed Band
6Pour Some Sugar On MeRhythm Twins
7Ain't No Other ManChristina Aguilera
8Rough DayPearl Star
9Love Is A Contact SportSandra Hill
10Someone That You're WithKopyKatz
11Brown Skin (Illicit Club Mix)India Arie
12Follow Your DreamEmmanuel Carella
1When Will I Be Famous?Rhythm Twins
2Watching You (Original Radio Edit)Rogue Traders
3Just What I NeededKopyKatz
4Round And RoundOneZeroOne
5Run ItColorBox
6Be Good JohnnySouthern Light
825 MilesDynamix
10Hit Me With Your Best ShotPure Essence
11Come Rain Come Shine (A & L Original Extended Mix)Jenn Cuneta
12No WorriesSimon Webbe
1Start Me UpDJ Denzi
2Love Is A Crime (Thunderpuss Club Mix)Anastacia
3Life Is A HighwayRhythm Twins
5Slam Dunk (Da Funk)Maximum
6Let's GoPure Essence
7Crazy Chick (Kardinal Beats Krazy Club Remix)Charlotte Church
8Dance Dance (The Mexican) Hex Hector Club MixThalia
9Great Gosh A'mightySouthern Light
10This Is How A Heart Breaks (Ford Club Mix)Rob Thomas
11Something (Buzz Kitchen Mix)Silosonic
12StickwituThe Pussycat Dolls
1Get It On (Bang A Gong)DJ Denzi
2Pon De Replay (Pon De Club Play)Rihanna
3More Than a FeelingMaximum
4I Am Who I AmKopyKatz
5Hollaback GirlOneZeroOne
6Born In The U.S.A.Reliable
7Voodoo ChildRogue Traders
8I Go To RioRhythm Twins
9Walking On SunshineSouthern Light
10Boys Are Back In TownPure Essence
11These Boots Are Made For Walking (Bimbo Jones Remix Radio Edit)Jessica Simpson
11Don’t Cha (Ralphi’s Hot Freak Radio Mix)Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes
12N Dey SayNelly
1Tilt Ya Head BackMaximum
2U-Turn (The Almighty Mix)Usher
3Filthy (Gorgeous) (Almighty Anthem Mix)Jackie 'O'
5One Night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz XXL Mix)Vinylshakerz
6Born To Be WildSouthern Light
7This Love (Junior Vasquez Sirius Radio Edit)Maroon 5
8Rich GirlPure Essence
9River Deep Mountain HighRhythm Twins
10Since U Been GoneColorbox
111, 2 Step (Ford’s E-Hop Club Mix)Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott
12Lonely No MoreRob Thomas
BonusChristmas Train-Medley: Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, O Come All Ye Faithful, Jingle Bells, HarkRuPaul
1A Little Bit Of ActionNadia
2Caught UpUsher
3I Believe in a Thing Called LoveJackie 'O'
4Just the MusicJody Lei
5Here Comes The HammerMaximum
6Just Like ParadiseDanger Crew
7Like I Love YouJustin Timberlake
89 To 5Southern Light
10Do Somethin'KopyKatz
11SoldierDestiny's Child
12Let Me Love YouMario
1Let's Get It StartedKopyKatz
2Ride ItGeri Halliwell
3Groove Your BodyMaximum
4Proud Mary (Liquid 360 Club Mix)Randy Friess
6Leader of the Gang (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix)Spice Girls
7Lose My BreathDestiny's Child
8I Just Wanna Be HappyGloria Estefan
9Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyDJ Denzi
10Hot in HereNelly
11Is It 'Cos I'm Cool (Alex Gaudino & Jerma Mix)Mousse T. with Emma Lanford
12These WordsNatasha Bedingfield
2I'm Right HereSamantha Mumba
3Born to be aliveVoyage 2000
4Red Blooded Woman (Dance Remix)Shee
5Poppin' Da BazzDJ RPM
6Cum On Feel The NoizeParty Playaz
8Girls Are Here To Party (Shanghai Surprize Remix)Koda
9I Want CandyRhythm Twins
10FighterKopy Kats
11My Prerogative (House Mix)Bod Michael
12Take My Breath AwayJessica Simpson
1Toxic (Trance Radio Edit)Helen
2Independent Woman Pt. 1 (Victor Calderone Radio Mix)Destiny's Child
3Wild Boys (Almighty Remix)Phixx
4Ice Ice Baby (DJ Ules Dance Radio Edit)Kacey Baker feat. Tamara Jaber
5Without MeMC Boy
6You Shook Me All Night LongPeter Bang
7Tom Jones International (Shanghai Surprise Mix)Tom Jones
8You Make Me Feel Good (Original Club Radio Edit)Pat Hodges
9Walk Like An EgyptianThe Bangles
10Mony MonyBionic Ear
11Dive (Chris Cox Club Anthem Radio Edit)Debby Holiday
12Every Little StepMercury 4
1I'm Your ManShane Richie
2Love RevolutionPat Hodges
3You Make Me FeelFunk Project
4Yeh Yeh YehMel C
6Self Control 2004Laura Branigan
7All ThingsWildlife
8Cha Cha SlideDJ Casper
9Drink Drank DrunkAtomic Fireballs
10Tribal Dance 2.42 Unlimited
11My TimeDutch
12Signed Sealed DeliveredBlue
1VenusAndrea Anatola
2U Talkin’ To MeDisco Montego
3Slave To The MusicNick Skitz
4Jumpin’Liberty X
5Shake Ya ShimmyPorn Kings vs Flip & Fill
6How Much Is The Fish?Scooter
7A Deeper LoveAretha Franklin
8It’s My PartyThalia
9ChihuahuaDJ Bobo
10Miss IndependentBelle Lawrence
11Get My Party OnShaggy
12Have A Little Faith In MeMandy Moore
1Wanna Get Up2 Unlimited
2Get Down On ItPeter Andre
3Everybody Get UpFive
4Don’t StopGloria Estefan
5Feel ItThe Tamperer feat. Maya
6B-Boys & FlygirlsBomfunk MC’s
7100% Pure LoveCrystal Waters
8Let’s Get LoudJennifer Lopez
9Neutron DanceThe Pointer Sisters
10Final CountdownMiriam Stockley
11Can’t Take My Eyes Off YouHermes House Band
12Back To The WorldTevin Campbell
1Better Get ReadyLulu
2If You Wanna DanceNobody’s Angel
3You Spin Me RoundGigi D'Agostino
4RisingElle Patrice
5The WreckoningBoomkat
6I’m FlyingE-Type
7SituationTom Jones
8BailaJennifer Lopez
9Ballroom BlitzTia Carrere
11When I See YouMacy Gray
12Your Body Is A WonderlandJohn Mayer
1Everybody's FreeAquagen feat. Rozalla
2Strength Of A WomanShaggy
3AliveS Club
4Feels Like I'm In LoveThe Dolly Rockers
5Work ItNelly feat Justin Timberlake
7I Like It, I Luv ItKoolmatch
8Instant ReplayYell
9Lifestyles Of The Rich And FamousGood Chartlotte
10Whoomph (There it is)Clock
11Jenny From The BlockJennifer Lopez
12Big Yellow TaxiCounting Crows feat Vanessa Carlton
1Music Gets The Best Of MeSophie Ellis Bextor
2WhatchulookinatWhitney Houston
3We've Got It Goin' OnBlacksweet Boys
4Things That Go Bump In The NightAllstars
5I'm Here To ChillAbsurd
6Let It RainEast 17
7Love One AnotherAmber
8Disco InfernoTina Turner
9Rock This TownStray Cats
10Take Me To HeavenPaul Goodyear with Shauna Jensen
11Why'd You Lie To MeAnastacia
12BeautifulChristina Aguilera
1Time After TimeNovaspace
2Get Over YouSophie Ellis Bextor
3Same Old Brand New YouA1
4I Got My PrideBarry Harris Feat. Pepper Mashay
5Flash's ThemeU96
6I'll Find A WayE-Type
7Rock The DiscotechOrgasmatron
8Dance With MeDebelah Morgan
9Freeze-FrameJ. Geils Band
10Don't Leave Me This WaySheena Easton
12The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)Atomic Kitten
1One Day In Your Life (Almighty Mix)Anastacia
2Ain't It Funny (Almighty Mix)J-Lo
3EverybodyBlacksweet Boys
4Absolutely Not (Hex Hector Mix)Deborah Cox
5Bring That Beat (Shimmy Shake)DJ RPM
6You Think You're A ManFull Frontal
7Boom (Thunderpuss Club Mix)Anastacia
8Let's Celebrate2 Unlimited
9Man With A HexThe Atomic Fireballs
10Faster Harder ScooterScooter
11Don't Turn Off The LightsEnrique Iglesias
12Underneath Your ClothesShakira
1Gotta Tell You (Sleaze Sisters Mix)Samantha Mumba
2Murder On The DancefloorSophie Ellis Bextor
4A Woman's Got the Power (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Anthem Mix)Jennifer Halliday
5Club Raid (Hands In The Air)Nick Skitz
6Thunderstruck (Radio Edit)Blizzard Brothers Inc.
7Move It Like ThisBaha Men
8Best Years Of Our Lives (Pablo Flores Club Mix)Baha Men
9Ready For A MiraclePatti La Belle
10Eye Of The TigerHeart Attack Feat. Thea Austin
11Play (Thunderpuss Club Mix)J-Lo
12The World's Greatest (Radio Edit)R. Kelly
2I'm Real (Dezrok Vocal Radio Edit)Jennifer Lopez
3Hey Baby2 Amigos
4Bring The House DownS Club 7
5All U Deejays (Amen Remix)Nick Skitz
6Heaven's On FireStar
7U Should Be DancingHappy Project Feat. Enrico Da Chiarelli
8So Fabulous, So Fierce (Freak Out)Thunderpuss feat. Jocelyn Enriquez
9Let's Go Surfin' (Edit)Waikiki
10She BangsRex Hardin
11I'm A Slave 4 UBritney Spears
12Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me)Sophie Ellis Bextor
13Sexual RevolutionMacy Gray
1FameLoraine Velez
2StarlightSupermen Lovers
3It's My LifeAxel Force
4Scream If You Wanna Go FasterGeri Halliwell
5Rock Da Funky BeatsOperation Blade
6Jump!The Movement
7Because We CanFatboy Slim
8Shake Up The PartyJoy Enriquez
9Turning JapaneseThe Vapors
10VenusPump Sisters
11Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got NobodyLou Bega
12Love TrainLove Parade Feat. Andrea Barker
1Reach Out (I'll Be There)Generation
2Don't Stop Movin'S Club 7
3Beat ItKiller Shadows
4It's Raining MenGeri Halliwell
5Slammer JammerPerfect Phase
6Underneath The RadarUnderworld
7Jump Up (If You Feel Alright)Da Beat Bros.
8Loaded (Almighty Mix)Ricky Martin
9Zoot Suit RiotCherry Poppin' Daddies
10I'm On Fire2 Fabiola
11All For YouJanet Jackson
12Eternal FlameAtomic Kitten
1Never Can Say GoodbyeSheena Easton
2Can't Fight The MoonlightLeann Rimes
3Larger Than Life (Power Mix)Bakerstreet
4ShoutDeloris & The Sisters & The Ronelles
5Operation Blade (Radio Edit)Public Domain
6The RaceCaptain Jack
7American WomanLenny Kravitz
8Knock On WoodAmanda Baker
9I'm Still StandingElton John
10Rocky DanceEurobeat Girls
11Get It OnBusstop feat. T-Rex
12You All DatBaha Men
13I'm Like A BirdNelly Furtado
1Do You Wanna FunkBunch
2The PowerVanessa Amorosi
3Who Let The Dogs OutBaha Men
4Original PranksterThe Offspring
5JumpSouthside Rockers
6Peace (In The Valley)Sabrina Johnson
7Pour Some Sugar On MeDef Leppard
8Jump For My LoveDJ Space'C
9Lay Your Love On MeRacey
10The RideBasic Element
11Can't Take My Eyes Off Of YouHermes House Band
12It Wasn't MeShaggy
13Cruisin'Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis
1She BangsRicky Martin
2I Want Your LoveAtomic Kitten
3I Was Made For Lovin' YouChill
4Uprocking Beats (Radio Edit)Bomfunk MC's
5GloriousJackie 'O'
6No SleepN.Y.C.C.
7Mope (The Bloodhound Gang Mix)Bloodhound Gang
8Who The Hell Are YouMadison Avenue
9Gettin' In The MoodThe Brian Setzer Orchestra
10Devil Gate DriveSymone
11Bridge Over Troubled WaterHannah Jones
12HollerSpice Girls
13Could I Have This Kiss ForeverWhitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias
1Nutbush City Limits 2000T-Zone
2Rock DJRobbie Williams
3That's the Way (I Like It)Look Twice
4Earthquake ThemeBasic Element
5Rock the WorldBasic Element
6Campione 2000E-Type
7We Will Rock YouFive + Queen
8Let's Roll (I Like It)Jump & Joy!
9These Boots Are Made Ror WalkingThe Barcode Brothers
10Walking On The NeonWaltari
11Don't Take Away My HeartModern Talking
12Maria, MariaSantana
13Ocean Of LightIn-Mood feat. Juliette
1Hammer To The HeartThe Tamperer Feat. Mya
2I Need To KnowMarc Anthony
3Right NowAtomic Kitten
5Me Myself IVitamin C
6Back In The LoopE - Type
7Stand ToughPoint Break
8Absolutely EverybodyVanessa Amorosi
9I'm So ExcitedPointer Sisters
10Hot ShotKaren Young
11Push PushFalco
12Be With YouEnrique Iglesias
13No More "I Love You's"Annie Lennox
1FunkytownPseudo Echo
2Shake Your Bonbon (Pablo Flores Mix Edit)Ricky Martin
3Hot StuffWho's Eddie
5Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)A-Teens
6Venus Or MarsJackson Mendoza
7Take Me To The TopDream Frequency
8Tom's PartyT-Sthingy
9YesMerry Clayton
10Who The F*** Is Alice (Radio Clean Version)The Steppers
11You're My World (Almighty Vocal Mix Edit)Jane McDonald
12Keep On Movin'Five
13I TryMacy Gray
1StrandedLutrica McNeal
2Love On And OnDonna Summer
3Do You Want Some MoreVitamin C
41999Prince And The Revolution
5Are You Gonna Go My WayTom Jones & Robbie Williams
6Here I Go AgainE-Type
7Got 2 Get U BackT Sthingy
8Mambo MamboLou Bega
9You Can't Hurry LoveDixie Chicks
10WarEdwin Starr
11Word UpPoint Break
12The Roof Is On FireUproar
1Walk On To The LightT-Zone
2Man! I Feel Like A WomanShania Twain
3I've Been ToldBus Stop
4Funky Cold Medina (Y2K Mix)Tone Löc
5All Or Nothing (Almighty Mix)Cher
6B-Boys & Fly GirlsBomfunk MCs
7Look At MeGeri Haliwell
8Let's Get LoudJennifer Lopez
9I Want You To Want MeLetters To Cleo
11Edge Of Heaven2 Unlimited
12Boom Shack-A-LakApache Indian
13Amazing GraceCecilia
1Walk On To The LightT-Zone
2Man! I Feel Like A WomanShania Twain
3I've Been ToldBus Stop
4Funky Cold Medina (Y2K Mix)Tone Löc
5All Or Nothing (Almighty Mix)Cher
6B-Boys & Fly GirlsBomfunk MCs
7Look At MeGeri Haliwell
8Let's Get LoudJennifer Lopez
9I Want You To Want MeLetters To Cleo
11Edge Of Heaven2 Unlimited
12Boom Shack-A-LakApache Indian
13Amazing GraceCecilia