Les Mills Filming Dates January 2017

If you happen to find yourself in Auckland city in the last few days of January 2017 why not make the pilgrimage to the famous Victoria St Les Mills club and participant in one of the masterclasses being filmed in Q1. Not only will you get a sneak peak at the new releases but you will get to experience first hand the electric atmosphere of doing what you love with like minded people. Master classes are usually delivered by the program directors and their team of world class presenters from all around the globe. Dates and links to buy tickets can be found below:

Filming dates


28jan7:30 pmBodyBalance 77 Filming

28jan9:00 pmCXWORX 27 Filming

29jan8:00 amBODYVIVE 3.1 /43 Filming

29jan9:30 amBODYSTEP 108 Filming

29jan12:15 pmBODYPUMP 102 Filming

29jan1:45 pmSH’BAM 28 Filming

30jan7:00 amBODYATTACK 97 Filming

30jan8:30 amBODYCOMBAT 72 Filming

30jan11:00 amRPM 75 Filming

30jan12:30 pmBODYJAM 81 Filming

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