How to confidently introduce yourself in every class

There you are, playlist organised, standing on the stage ready to start your class, but first, we must get the formalities out of the way. Do you just say a quick hi and get things started or do you have a fully prepared speech? Use this quick little checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything before you start getting sweaty.

I picked up this handy acronym when I trained in my very first program, Les Mills BodyStep and it has stuck with me ever since.

Remember your INTRO...


Introduce yourself
Make sure you’re standing front and center, be confident and tell us who you are. For example; “Welcome everyone, my name’s Dave, I’m a Cancer and I like Chardonnay and longs walks along the beach”


Name the class
Tell your class exactly what they’ve signed up to. Be it spin, boxing, BodyPump, aqua fit etc etc.


Tell us about the class
In one or two sentences, summarise the workout ahead so everyone is one the same page. Something like “Today we are doing a 45 minute interval workout using boxing moves and bodyweight exercises”.


Reassure newcomers
We all have to start somewhere and it’s important to let new participants know that they can take things slowly. Maybe there are arm lines they can leave out or options they can use to get through the workout. Just make sure you don’t alienate them or put a huge spotlight on them, chances are they want to fade into the background for the first few classes.


Organise to start
So with all of the business out of the way, what do we need to get going? Tell your class if they will need any equipment to begin, where to stand or what they should be doing with their body.

Now start the music and let's get going!

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